“SNEHACHAL” – Love, Care, Celebration

“SNEHACHAL” – Love, Care, Celebration

Snehachal is a home dedicated solely towards providing a loving and caring shelter and residence to the children, taking into account the various conditions faced by the children. We have adopted them considering that they are our own kids.

Shelter home is the most recent and highly enthusiastic project initiated by NayaSawera in Jan 2019, which can shelter up to 25 kids. A lot of kids run away from their home because of violence or abuse, others have sadly been separated from their parents or are exploited as child labourers. They typically come to our contact through legal establishments. When possible, and in the best interests of the child, they will be re-joined to their family, otherwise, they will be allowed to make Snehachal their home.

Snehachal provides love, shelter, security, nutrition and medical care. The children here learn social values and get emotional support through counselling. They are also introduced to some basic skill development processes. Resident staff lives and work at Snehachal where they give the kids the focused care and attention that every growing child need.

In last two years we are able to help around 250 kids to reunite with their families who were found lost, missing, run away or rescued as child labour.  The happiness on the faces of both Child & Family was one the most precious thing one can ever feel.

The members and volunteers alike not only teach the children some basic essential skills like communication, vocabulary, drawing etc. but also spend time with them.  This is aimed towards celebrating the lifespan they have been given. The children feel comfortable and cared at Snehachal. The monetary donations are utilized towards the educational, nutritional and medical needs of the children.

Apart from the monetary donations, the contribution of love and affection towards our children nurtures them with a certain degree of psychological happiness and content. Field trips, picnics and volunteer visits work towards keeping their life exciting and keep them away from the feeling of isolation. It is also an effort to reintegrate them into the society and abolish the stigma that has been formed against the differently abled children by spreading awareness.

Naya Sawera is also supporting a care home for Special Kids run by PWNR (Positive Women Network of Rajasthan). Currently, we are supporting 25 kids in this project for their education, nutrition and medical needs. We also supporting HIV positive infected & affected ladies to make them self-dependent and are also providing educational support to their children.