”SHRISHTI” – Green Conscious

”SHRISHTI” – Green Conscious

This project focuses on the environmental issues. Its goal is to ensure the ability of the earth to nurture life in all its diversity. We focus on issues like global warming, deforestation, wastage of energy, improper disposal of waste, etc.

We strive to inspire action, using awareness, communication, training and advocacy as primary tools. We have weekly and monthly events and programs through which we contribute as much as we can.

Our goal is to make every Indian understand the importance of the beautiful green earth, recycling, reuse, reduce and its advantages so that they can adopt the same in their daily lifestyle and participate for the betterment of our present and the future.

1. Tree plantations Drives – It is a monthly initiative in which we go to different places and plant at least 50 plants.

2. Celebration of World Environment Day– This is no less than a festival for us. We celebrate this on a grand level. Forming human chain, rallies, competitions and etc. cover this day.