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Projects & Campaign

SNEHACHAL” – Love, Care, Celebration

Snehachal is a home for special children, in association with PWNR. The home currently consists of 35 children, who are provided with educational, nutritional and medical facilities.

SAKSHAM” - Overall Community Development Program

Saksham is an overall community development programme that works towards empowering the residents of slum areas. This is done by providing them with education, training and jobs to enable them to sustain themselves and their families in coming future.

SHRISHTI” – Green Conscious

Shrishti is a project by Naya Sawera dedicated entirely towards the Environment. It recognises and works towards issues like Global Warming, deforestation, inefficient use of electricity and water, improper waste disposal etc.

Campaign Days Of Pride

DAYS OF PRIDE is a campaign by Naya Sawera that is driven towards donating sanitary napkins to women who cannot afford them. So far, the campaign has succeeded in donating 32000 sanitary napkins to women across various regions of Jaipur. The campaign also spreads awareness regarding sanitary health/hygiene and tries to abolish unnecessary menstrual taboos.

Campaign Kokh - Pehla Kadam

Kokh is a campaign designated entirely towards pregnant women who cannot afford proper healthcare and delivery services during their pregnancy months and after. It spreads awareness regarding nutrition and maternal care, and also provides them with healthcare services, free of cost.

Campaign Each One Educate One - Mission 2020

The campaign is dedicated towards education children who cannot afford education but have the potential to succeed. The target is to educate 2020 children by the end of the year 2020. Currently, 85 kids are being sponsored by the organisation.

Campaign Santushti

The campaign is about providing healthy and delicious food to kids in the slum areas, once a week. The organisation holds events like Fruit Mania and Beat the Heat, wherein stalls for fruits and ice-cream are put up for the children.

Campaign Donate Blood - Save Life

Naya Sawera organises blood donations camps approximately 3-4 times ever year to collect blood for the ones in need, and those who cannot essentially afford it when needed.

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